Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bear proof garbage

Up in bear country you have to be careful with your garbage and trash.
  As they say, one man's garbage is a Bear's next meal.  If the wild life gets used to eating our garbage, after a while they could become really demanding, maybe figure, "Why bother with the garbage."  And want to join us at the dinner table.
Last night my wife and I went up to Brighton, Colorado for dinner.  Being Friday night and being that Brighton has very few dining spots, we ended up in this really crowded family Italian joint that still had one booth available.
 We ordered our dinner and while waiting for our food, we were entertained by a little five year old girl who seemed to not know that in a restaurant you sit at your table until you have finished your meal.  She was running all over the place screaming, giggling  and making funny faces at anyone who would look at her.  All the while her father is ignoring her, as fathers tend to do and her mother was saying stuff like, "Susie, come back here and sit down, OKAY ?"
 Now given a choice of running around pretending to be a bear cub or sitting down like a human being,  a five year old little pretend bear cub will choose to run around like a crazy bear cub.
I often wonder when this thing of mothers telling their child what she wants them to do, followed by a choice started. For a two to twenty year old child, they will always choose the more fun choice.
 Mothers do this all over the place and I doubt they even know or understand the terrible thing they are doing to their child by giving that child a choice of acting crazy or acting as the mother would want them to act. Kids need and craze structure and when a mother demands one thing followed by a question of..."OKAY?" The child will always think, "NO! " And continue with what they were doing. 
After a few years the parents will cease to exist in the kid's mush for brains and they will continue doing exactly what they want to do with no direction and they will one day end up as forty year old  kids living in our basement, demanding the newest electronic gizmos and never actually going out and getting a job........Oh wait!  That is already happening isn't it? 
To paraphrase an old comic strip that said, "We have met the enemy and the enemy is us."  

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