Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Another name for the Gluten Diet is the Caveman Diet.  This is when you eat only the stuff cavemen and women would have eaten.  The down side is that our local food Super store does not care Wooly Mammoth Mastodon on a stick or Pterodactyl steaks or other forms of prehistoric foods. 
Just kidding Dan, actually I am sure eating gluten free foods is good for you....but for me I will stick with a little gluten in my diet, even if it means losing the few pounds I am trying to lose is a little harder to do. 
My son says that this diet makes him feel less achy, has fewer head aches and his mood is more perky. 
Okay folks if we can land a man on the moon why can't someone find a way to take gluten out of donuts and other forms of pasty. 
Guilt free Danish pasty, French Toast, and American hot dogs....What a concept.

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