Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Grande," "Venti," "Trenta." & Now ...."UbberGrandee"

Since Starbucks uses those silly names for the size of their coffee drinks I wonder what they would call a Costco size drink?

Q: What does Costco and Michael Jackson have in common?
 A: Boy's underwear half off!
For you European readers Costco is a mega, gigantic warehouse type store where EVERYTHING is sold in Mega extra large sizes.  You want toothpaste, be prepared to buy five years worth of tooth paste. Lots of small mom and pop type retail stores get their supplies from places like Costco and the other mega warehouse store Sam's Club (owned by Walmart).  It is hard to go into a Costco or Sam's Club and come out without spending over $100.00. 
 I was surfing around the internet looking for a Costco joke and found the same joke posted at least ten times in other blogs.  The one about the old retired guy who goes to Costco to get some dog food and ends up with a 50 pound bag of doggy food.  While in the check out line a woman asked him if he had a dog and he tells her he was was on a dog food diet and one of the side effects of this dog food diet was that you would start acting like a dog.  He continues saying that he saw an cute Irish Setter and when he went over to smell her ass they both got hit by a car and he ended up in the hospital.  Amazing that there is only one joke about a store like Costco or Sam's Club.
Since Sam's Club and Costco have food samples all around the store lots of first dates end up there where the guy takes the new girl friend for a light lunch while sampling food from about fifty different venders.   Imagine the impression this first date has on a new girl friend. 
 "Come my dear, we shall dine on a veritable cornucopia of delights."  I have actually taken my wife for lunch this way but you don't take a new girl friend on a first date to a place like this, you take her to Starbucks.

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