Thursday, August 8, 2013

boating along

 Come on Fred, the guys want to go join the girls at the river.

All together now, raise the left paw, and now the right,,,,one two three...looking good! 

Q. What did the yogi say to the sandwich vendor at the ball game?
A. Make me one with everything! 
Two men meet on the street.
One asks the other: "Hi, how are you?"
The other one replies: "I'm fine, thanks."
"And how's your son? Is he still unemployed?"
"Yes, he is. But he is meditating now."
"Meditating? What's that?"
"I don't know. But it's better than sitting around and doing nothing!"
The Lone Bat
A group of bats, hanging at the ceiling of a cave discovers a single bat STANDING upright underneath on the floor of the cave. Surprised by this unusual behavior, they ask this fellow: "What's wrong with you? What are you doing down there?" And the fellow shouts back: "Yoga!"

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