Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cupids in Training

 I actually started another cartoon of the 
old guy cupid trying to hit a moving target
with his poisoned tipped arrows 
(Love Poison don't you know) 
 and the idea hit me what if the old guys 
had to go to Cupid boot camp and the 
little baby cupids were the drill instructors.  
Kind of reminds me of being an old guy
 in a corporate office where the 
manager is half my age. Or coming back from 
constant combat in Vietnam to be under
the thumb of some staff NCO who had never
 seen any combat and was taking 
his duty of training you for future combat to the fullest.  
   Been there and had that  done unto me. 
 But that was then and this is now and 
now is much more better than then.

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