Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Church Of It Don't Matter

Please note that at the Church of it Don't Matter,
 the subject of Jesus Christ is just a sideline.  
People who come to the Church of It Don't Matter 
come for the entertainment and to get away
 from the kids for an hour.  An hour a  week
 is all it takes to be saved from an 
eternity of hell fire and damnation.

  Think of it as long as you can fork out the cash donations your every need is met
 for an hour a week including cleansing 
your sinful soul.

Brother Dave (the Rat) always gives an uplifting sermon that makes you feel good
 all over like the spirit of Christ has oozed
 all over your body.

 Praise the LORD & pass the donation basket, 
give until it hurts and let's all say

Tomorrow there will be changes at
 The Church of It Don't Matter.  
Can Jim and Tammy Fey as well as Jerry Falwell
 be causing a ruckus for the new church?  

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