Saturday, April 4, 2015

dispatch from sagebrush country

Once again this dispatch to my blog comes from the lobby of the hotel we are staying in.  Across the parking lot is a McDonalds fast food joint and the smell of greasy hash brown potatoes fills the air like an old man who has eaten a bad plate of borritos from Toco Bell.  
Tomorrow is Easter, the day most Christians celebrate the day Jesus Christ rose from the grave after completing the final phase of the atonement, where he died for the sins of all mankind.  
As I sit here contemplating the fact that the SON OF GOD died for me, a nobody, I am humbled beyond compare.  At the same time, I have still no clue what I will be doing for tomorrows blog.  I am sure God will give some inspiration as always, this I have no doubt.  So until tomorrow enjoy your family and have great Easter or Passover.

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