Friday, April 24, 2015

He lives!

 I kind of messed up here and did not realize it until this very moment.  The butter fly in this cartoon is too small for the little mouse.
That aside the question here is actually am I giving God like abilities to the little white rats?  The ability to bring things back from the dead.  Actually the idea for this "gag" comes from the movie Paul.  Where Paul the space alien brings back to life a bird and then eats the bird.  "You didn't expect me to eat a dead bird did you?"  I was going to do one last panel of this cartoon where the little rat would have a long tongue and eat the butterfly.  My wife told me that would be gross, but most humor is gross.  So for now I will just leave that thought in your mind.
So here we have in THE VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED, mixed metaphors of kind and gentle space alien white rats with God like abilities who like to toss their old man around in mid air.
Tomorrow will be the climax of this tale of weirdness and back to doing normal laugh a day cartoons.  Much more fun.  Oh yeah....and maybe a catch up with our hitch hiking rooster Moe..

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