Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Ratts are coming home to roost

Imagine if you will, that George Costanza is a rat and that he has ten little kid rats to care for. His mate felt she needed her freedom and left him with the kids.  What is poor old George to do?  Go back to dear old Mom's "embrace"?  One little detail, he did not tell his parents he was coming, he knew that if he did, they would get out of Dodge faster than a flea jumping onto a dog's back.  
Now I have two new characters to create, I already know what they are like by watching the old Jerry Seinfeld shows and tweak them a bit, to be more crazy than than they were in the sitcom.
As for the ten little rat kids, they will always be forever 5 year-olds just like in Peanuts.
In the mean time Chicken Moe is still wondering around in the wilderness looking for the "Promised Land" all the while those chicks are growing up and Milo is keeping in touch of the two story lines by mobile smarty pants phone.  For fun maybe I should add in text messaging because that is what people do these days.  Raccoon's can't text?  Only in your world.  This is my little world where anything is possible.

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