Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Zing Pow!

Today we have two stories going on.  One the spoof of the movie Village of the Damned and the other of Chicken Moe hoofing it back to his buddies in North Park.  
Scene 15 take 12.  Milo is playing a sports announcer describing the fight between George and his kids who it turns out are Alien beings from another universe far far away.  His color Commentator is a white rabbit wearing a hula shirt by the name of Bing.  Bing has never seen an actual fight in his life but why should that stop him being an expert on boxing.  But is this really a boxing match?  Now if you think today's cartoon is a bit on the strange side, wait until you see tomorrow's cartoon.

Today, we find Moe the Foghorn Leghorn wanna-be, hitch hiking just west of Gun Barrel City Texas.  Who would pick up a hitch hiking rooster?  Tune in tomorrow to find out.  

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