Wednesday, May 13, 2015

most illogical #4

 Along time ago in a galaxy, far far away.....


 I guess I have stepped away from doing simple
 cartoons and doing almost a comic book here or a graphic novel.
 (A very short graphic novel).

Mostly I am just having some fun depicting iconic TV characters as rats, it has been an experiment on my part to see if I could do it and to see what they would look like.  It has been kind of fun for a sick old guy of 68. 

With that thought in mind, tomorrow I will attempt to produce my most challenging cartoon ever. 


Including Capt Kirk, Spock and the the entire Enterprise crew, and a new member of the crew, George.  

Are we to assume that Capt Kirk and crew just looked at stars on that big screen TV, who will be the evil nemesis for the brave crew of the USS Enterprise?   Could it be Chuck, the thing I call the cancer in my stomach?  I think it will be chuck.  
Can the rat crew beat chuck in the battle of the galaxy or will the rats flee the sinking ship?

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