Friday, May 29, 2015

Par-Lay? Star Date 1325.4. #19

 STAR DATE 125.4.

 Star Date 1325.4.

General Chuck & his faithful sidekick, GURDY.  As I have found out the hard way, Gurd, or Acid Reflex can cause stomach cancer.

You may be wondering about Pirate ship in outer space and why the sails..drum roll.........SOLAR WINDS........of course.  Keeping in mind the was a pirate ship in Never Never land.
General Chuck & Gurdy come from a race of hairless green rat's.  Depending on their status in their world comes from how many tails they have and as you can plainly see, Chuck has six tails on top of his head.

Tomorrow, "Rendezvous, with a trash can."

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