Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Gambling is so illogical #43


The reason I made Mister Spock the winner 
of the bet on how long it would take for Chuck 
to out run the crazy space shark and 
reach the Enterprise, was that it was totally
 out of character and so illogical for Mister Spock
 to gamble.  On the TV Show Star Trek he 
never once called Captain Kirk, Jim even though
 they were best friends.  

Well folks hang onto your hat, this story is about
 to take a turn down a dark alley into the abyss.  
 I got my inspiration from a Stephen King book
 I once read and then saw the movie, Cujo. 
 A story of sick Saint Bernard who has rabies 
and goes from a gentle soul to a raging killing maniac.  
Well, Chuck is not a gentle kind soul to start off with.  
For the next couple weeks there won't be many 
funny gags just a dark and demented tale of
 desperation and final death.

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