Friday, June 26, 2015

Giving Chuck some radiation treatment #46

I have started to produce individual cartoon images of the cancer that other cancer patients have. Below is what Jim a guy I met a few weeks ago sitting in the waiting room for our radiation treatment, he goes in right after I do and have spent time getting to know each other.  I asked him if anyone had ever called him Jimbo and he said not that he remembered so I asked if it would be okay if I did and sure why not?  Anyway, Jimbo is 72 and has prostate cancer. Yesterday, I asked him if he had named his cancer and no was the answer. 

 "What would you name it?"

  "Ralph", came the reply.

So below is my version of what Ralph, Jim's Prostate Cancer, looks like, sitting in a toilet.
 Later on when this epic little story of mankind's never ending battle of  the scourge of the universe, takes on Prostate Cancer, Ralph will be the monster we set out to kill.

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