Sunday, June 14, 2015

Here Come Da Judge Here Come Da Judge #34

This one took me a little time in trying to figure
 how to get Darth Vader on the pirate ship, 
how to draw him with rat features and locating 
a picture of the  shuttle.  I thought the
 cross section of his shuttle pretty interesting
 so I included it here.

Darth Vader is not a happy camper as Chuck
 was supposed to hold on to the princess Della
 for Lord Vader.  But along comes Peter Pan
 and swoops her up to his Peter Pan space craft
 and off they went to the Enterprise, even though
 no one needed a car Rental.  I promise that is
 last time for that lame gag.
So let's see if I can bring you all up to speed.  
The main characters from Star Wars minus
 Darth Vader, are over on the Star Ship Enterprise,
 Darth Vader is on the Pirate ship with 
General Chuck ( My Cancer).  Please note 
that since Chuck and the other pirates are
 all Cancer they are getting more and more 
sickly looking.  Is Chuck dying?  No, not yet 
not until the 8th of July, when two members 
of the good guys slice and dice the putrid 
piece of green filth.

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