Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Here he comes to save the day! #24

Imagine for a second, Peter Pan with the personality of Errol Flynn.  He was one of my early life heroes.  Two of my favorite movies of his were: Captain Blood (A pirate movie) and Robin Hood.  So imagine that my Peter Pan is a combo Robin Hood and an English pirate.  knowing Errol Flynn he would never be caught dead wearing rat buck teeth so he is my only rat character using human teeth he got from our prop department.

Tomorrow we do some swash buckling!  Bring some pop corn this is gonna be some old school Swash Buckling as only Errol Flynn would do!  I see some blood in the future of the pirate crew.

Columbo:  Hey, Pointy ears, wears the restroom on this tub you call the Enterprise?
Mr Spock:  The name is Mister Spock to you.  It is of course on the poop deck.

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