Monday, June 29, 2015

On To Zarahemla #49

This episode is what I call a Chess stratigy episode.  
With so many characters involved (approximately 50-75 so far) it sometimes is a good idea to reflect where everyone is.  

Tomorrow, Chuck will be back and he is still hungry. right now he is prowling the Enterprise for food before he goes in search of the Princess Della.  He has to hand her over to his boss, Darth Vader if he wants to live. 

Now, where do you suppose a person could find food on the Star Ship Enterprise...ah ha!  The galley!  

On a serious side, my other project of cartooning cancer monsters residing in other cancer patients as well as Cancer survivors, will be taking a new twist.  while I am in the Chemo treatment room with about 12 other cancer patients, I am going to offer each one, if I am allowed, to draw a cartoon version of their named cancer.  On Thursday I will be posting those cartoon versions of those Cancer Monsters in this blog along with my cartoon page.

My niece Shirley, who lives up in the state of Maine, has been living with her very own cancer monster she calls Betsy, the brain cancer, for a couple of years.  Yesterday,I did the below for her.  I think I may have to try another version, where Betsy looks more like a bottom feeding Grouper fish. 
 Anyway, my cancer cartoons don't have to look like a rat.  Sometimes they will look like a many legged whatcha call it, because the cancer is in so many parts of the body.   After I draw the picture on my tablet I can then send it to the patients email box.  They can then use the image for the family support T-shirts at cancer walks etc.             Most importantly it gives the cancer patient a visual they can make fun of and give them encouragement for a better tomorrow. 
 With the help from God I can do this.

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