Saturday, June 13, 2015

Star Date 1326.8. Script Change #33

     For the foreign viewer here, let me explain that here in the States we have many car Rental agencies and one is called Enterprise, " We come and pick you up."  At one time I moved cars for them to an repair facility but that is another story for another time and here I digress.
  There has been a change in the script of the story line because Bill my head writer, ding dong scatter brain that he can be, forgot that Alderaan was not the planet where Coop Skywalker & Obi Wan Kenobi lived.  Alderaan in the original Star Wars Movie was the home planet of Princess Della and the place of the doomed Peace Conference.  

Since this is a brand new version of an old story line, Bill and I decided to scrap all the names of the old planets and create new planets out of thin air.  I feel almost God like when I can create new planets..

Bill is actually my alter ego, since it is my first name and for fun, like now I pretend that I am not the only person working on this epic cartoon journal.  Bill looks like I do in the winter months, minus the big not actually that is my actual ears and nose. During the summer months: no beard and no long hair. 

 "But that is another story for another time."  
Michael EndeThe Neverending Story  

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