Monday, July 13, 2015

Light Saber Hand off #62

  The one thing I do not like doing is talking head cartoons.  Those cartoons where you remove the pictures and you still have a joke.  My theory is that good cartoons has to have some action in them.
So many of American comic strips are just talking heads and the other cartoon style I don't like doing is the meeting group.  I hate meetings. 
 With all that in mind the meeting between Capt. Kirk and Commander Adama, is not something I like do do.  So let me capsulize what happens in this meeting.
Adama tells Capt Kirk about the evils of Darth Vader and offers to help him defeat Darth Vader and the Evil Emperor.  With the aid of his Vipers.  He will be leaving his son Burt on board the Enterprise to train new Viper pilots. 
Commander Adama has also been in contact with the Rebel Alliance on the planet Zarahemla and they too are ready to donate X Wing jet fighters to take on Darth Vader.  

Down in the bowels of the Star Ship Enterprise, the three good guys are heading back to the the bridge to report back to Captain Kirk of their killing the Cancer Monster Chuck.

Please note that the Cancer Monster is in no way related to the Cookie Monster.

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