Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Death Ball #63

Captain Kirk has chosen three volunteers to become Viper space jet fighter pilots.   Arkady, Dan and Peter Pan  (played by Errol Flynn).  These brave souls will aid in taking out Darth Vader's Death Ball.  We join them and their instructor Burt in the first lesson on becoming a Viper pilot and hopefully taking out the Death Ball.  The Death Ball is lurking out there following the Star Ship Enterprise as it continues it's journey across the cosmos to the planet Zarahemla.  Zarahemla is the base planet for the Rebel Alliance.  
This is a Ratatized version of my step-son Burt.  He is the Viper space jet fighter instructor.

 Please note that Darth Vader chose those colors, not me and in that order..I am not one to start rumors but he and that emperor do seem like really good friends.

Now all I have to do is figure what the funerable or vulnerable spot of the Death Ball is.  

Actually since it looks like a beach ball the word
 funerable kind of works.

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