Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Rookie #65

After pondering who to replace Peter Pan, who came down with some sort of Romulan Flu, Captain Kirk picked the newest trainee for the new Viper Space Jet Fighter School..on the scene in the hanger bay is the veteran ace reporter from Fox News....

You may be wondering about Coop Skywalker doing close order drill with his lazer eyed white rat have to keep the troops busy or they get lazy.

 You may also be wondering why the pale look around Brian Williams eyes, please note the sun tan, he just got off a really long vacation, where I am sure he spent it on some palm tree studded beach in a beach chair near by some sort of Tiki Bar.

 But Fox News loves their newest reporter and made him their permanent reporter embedded with the crew of the Enterprise.   And he has the honor in being the only embedded reporter on the Enterprise.  But I am sure he will have some humdinger news reports of mess hall scuttle butt rumors in the many years to come.  

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