Thursday, July 2, 2015

Where is that Duracell Bunny? #52

Have you ever had this happen to you?  You need to replace the batteries in some sort of electronic gizmo and it takes AAA batteries and all you have in your junk drawer is:4.5 Volt, D, C, AA, AAAA, A23, and 9 volt batteries.  But not one AAA battery. 

Now why would I be crazy enough to add in the Battle Star 

Galictica and all that crew into this story?  Stay tooned and 

you will find out why. 

By the way, there was two series of the "Battlestar 

Galictica.  The one I saw every episode with my two sons 

was in 1978-1979.  Loren Green and company. 

I always felt that the coffee shop Starbuck got it's name 

from one of the characters in this show.  

Last night, on facebook, I mentioned that in early September, I would be replacing the five major characters on the Star Ship Enterprise Crew with ratatizied  (RATATIZED: when one changes the features of a human to look like a cartoon rat) 
versions of people I know personally.  The reason I picked early September is because in mid August I will be undergoing an operation on my stomach and will be layed up in the hospital for a week and half.  I have no idea how long the recovery will be and during that time, I doubt I will be doing many entries into this blog.
I actually have the very person to play a Vulcan in the place of Mr Spock and please keep in mind that the new characters maybe females replacing male rats.  A female Mr. Spock..Shocking!

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