Friday, July 3, 2015

Yoda has died! Long live Raymond! #53

Star Date 1327.8.
Over night our ship's Oracle, Yoda pass on in his sleep.  Apparently he ate a bad Taco last night and died of gas overload.  
As soon as possible we transport his remains to his next of kin, Frank Oz for his funeral.  

We are in luck of sorts that a passenger we were giving a ride to his home is a Native American Buddhist Shaman.  
His name is Raymond Gipson and he has agreed to stay on as the ships Oracle/shaman.  He has become fast friends with Obi Juan (played by Clint Eastwood) the friend of Princess Della and is something called a Jedi Gun Gunslinger.  They are overseeing the killing of the Cancer Monster, General Chuck who has invaded the Enterprise.  I am sending two of my crew members:  Arkady Gursky and Dan Main, along with the newest Jedi knight,George Ratt, hand picked by Raymond for this mission:  to go down into the bowls of the ship, search out the monster and destroy him.    Captain James T Kirk   



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