Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Battle Stations! #96

And we start a new chapter in this little saga of good vs evil.  Like the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, Darth Vader decides to attack the Star Ship Enterprise and in some way retrieving  Princess Della...the leader of the Rebel Alliance.  

Princess Della and her younger brother Coop were kidnapped ten years ago from their parents home by Klingon Gypsies and sold to different families on separate planets and as they were raised they lost memories of each other but always remembered what their mother looked like.  Today we have a family reunion of parents and daughter.  But the reunion will be short lived because Kree the mother is going off to war and to do battle with the much hated Imperial Star fighters or TIE fighters.  Will the Rebel alliance come to the assistance of the combined forces of the Star Ship Enterprise and the Battle Star Galactica?  In the coming days we shall see.

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