Thursday, August 20, 2015

Last minute pep talk # 98

Every meeting I used to go to back when I worked in a cubical for a large corporation, just as the meeting was about to be ended, some one would have a really important question in his or her mind and we would be stuck for another ten minutes to go through all the discussions about that new agenda that no one really cared about but the brown noser who posed the stupid question.  
The enemy is on the way and all of sudden Errol Flynn decides he needs to give a useless pep talk to the viper pilots.

 BTW, Kree decides to fly her Viper to protect her daughter Princess Della from the clutches of dirty old Darth Vader and the emperor.  Della is the spirit of the Rebel Alliance and with out her they would probably lose hope and surrender to the Emperor and the cause of freedom would be lost!  

The combined forces of the Rebel Alliance, the Battle Star Galactica and the Enterprise will prevail against Darth Vader but at what cost?
 For freedom there is never 
a cost too high!  

Many questions both Milo and George have like for instance how come now they are the same size, good time I see Bill I will ask him, it was his idea after all.

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