Wednesday, August 19, 2015

One Bogie Down! #97

The battle has begun!  The good guys caught an imperial star fighter in an ambush and took it out. Apparently it was a recon vessel probing the defenses of the Enterprise.  We join Captain Kirk on the bridg
e of the Enterprise.

The last time we saw Errol Flynn he was playing the part of Robin Hood and in sick bay.  Now he is playing another of his famous movie parts, as a World War II flying ace.  I figure this part does not make much sense to you at this point but just go along with the story.  In about another ten years it will all make perfect sense.

Errol Flynn does have the Millennium Falcon under his control and he does have a great sidekick-Co-Pilot in the person of Milo who is a raccoon and used to be good friends with George the Rat. 

Tomorrow George and Milo get reunited for some jolly good fun.

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