Thursday, August 27, 2015

Operation Wooooooosh! #105

Up until last night I was stumped, how does one deflate a gigantic humongous beach ball about the size of Mexico City? If you puncture the skin of the ball it may have some sort of anti puncture device and it may simply blow up killing all the Viper pilots.  we decided to go for the air valve with hopes that it would not deflate too fast.

 With the fire out on the Star Ship Enterprise, 
the Armada heads to the Death Ball.

Please note that the Viper pilots have a force field around them allowing them to walk about 
without the aid of space suite.

 Meanwhile over on the planet of the Undead, a lonely Viper sits.  Where did the pilot go?

Next month you will find out what happened and meet one really funny old guy who is being bothered by undead Zombies.  His name is Doctor Livingston and we will be going there to help him defeat the minions of the undead.

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