Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Scotty is dead long live Dave #104

During the battle with Darth Vader's TIE Star Fighters, one of them got off a lucky shot with it's lazer blaster and got a direct hit on the engine compartment of the Enterprise.  

Please note the Flux capacitor next to Dave, it will play an important roll next year when we go back in time to save some whales or some such silliness.

please note that Dave is indeed a real living breathing guy I know who works at our local food store. 
 As I have mentioned before eventually everyone I know personally will end up in these cartoon pages.
  I guess that is what makes this comic strip a little different from any other comic strips, all my characters are either famous people or persons I am related to or just know & they are all turned into rats.  So if I know you and you have not yet appeared in this comic strip as a rat, eventually you will if you are okay with it.

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