Monday, December 7, 2015

Santa's AWOL elves #156

Santa gets the word that the three AWOL elves are on the USS Enterprise in the outer space and is determined to retrieve them before Christmas.  All of Santa's elves are equiped with a GPS, location chip. They can run but can not hide.

Introducing Randolf the red nose Jackalope.  Being that our Santa is a rat reindeer would be too large to fit into this comic strip so for this story  Santa uses 8 Jackalope to pull his sleigh.   When it is foggy he puts Randolf at the head of the other Jackalopes so that they don't run into low flying air craft.
 For those who are not familier with the native American Jackalope, they are a mixed breed Western jack rabbit and Antelope.  As a matter of fact they were first bred up in Wyoming by my great uncle Hugh Main back in 1895 as a source of cheap meat. 

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