Friday, May 20, 2016

We are wounded!!! #255

The following an explanation of why the ghosts are invading the Enterprise space craft.  This is per Arkady, Viper pilot and long time viewer of these cartoons.

"During Comic Con, someone left on board of the Star Ship  Enterprise a Magical amulet which opens a portal into another dimension.  George's omnipresent kids put their sticky hands on that amulet ...and accidentally activated it, thus letting ghosts into our world or dimension and into the space ship." 
 per Arkady Gurdsky of Moldova.
Sounds logical to me.

                                      It looks like Kree is about to 
                          get slimed big time.

    That is a great question, if you have been slimed by ghost do you rank a purple heart.  I don't think that is covered by the Marine Corps.Knowing how the Army gives out metals for stubbing your toe, they probably have a special green heart for being slimed.

         When ya been slimed....who ya gonna call?

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