Friday, July 1, 2016

A protesting we go #285

Most of the new armor plated trash cans are complete and Sgt. Striker (named after a John Wayne movie character from the movie "SANDS OF IWO JIMA") decides it is a good time to get his detachment of prairie dog warriors back into shape by doing some close order drill.

 Zak, the bear, is George's good conscience in training.  Sort of like an over sized Jimmy Cricket he is, that only George and little kids can see.  I think maybe Zak is right, nothing good can come of butting into a conversation by a couple of prairie dogs in a bar.  Trust me I know, I tried it a couple of times, once in 1967, in Palm Springs, California and the other in some lonely dusty bar outside of 29 Palms, California sometime in 1969.  A couple of reasons I no longer drink.

My goodness, this is almost starting to sound like the WIZARD OF OZ...and me as the Wizard...Zak the big brown bear as Toto?  No, that would  be just too weird.  Besides, I already killed off the flying monkeys about a year ago.

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