Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 According to the Dilbert Business Principles, the first thing a new department manager does is to rename the business department.  Efficiency means to organize.  To a good Bureaucrat like Barry T Bunny (Bue-Nay) one can never be too organized.  It stands to reason that since all the wild critters in Alfred Packer National Forest and camp grounds are government property, all those wild critters should be organized and labeled...Makes sense to me.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Meanwhile back at Camp Alfred Packard,  G-10 Barry T Bunny ( Bue-nay) is busy putting labels on every thing and I do mean everything.  It all stems from a Federal Government directive that states that ALL Government property has to be labeled and each label will have the item description, Item number and a bar code.  Gee, do you suppose this could cause any problems?

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Introducing G-10 Barry T Bunny.  He is a career government worker and no regulation is too weird or idiotic to him.
Even though he has never lived in the wild he knows all there is to know by all the classes he took in school and he even read the book Call of the wild back in high school. If the regulations say the first thing he has to do is take inventory, By God Barry will take inventory of every tree, rock deer, bear and bush there is under his command! Of course if he is off tagging everything in the park he can't get into trouble can he or can he?
G-10 Barry T Bunny is a Government Bureaucrat, "Ours is not to question why but to do or die"...etc etc,  In every nation around the world there are many many Barry T Bunnies who see it as their mission in life to see that everyone lives by the motto of dotting the eyes and crossing the teas no matter what and no exceptions.