Friday, July 31, 2015

Mexican Stand off #78

Looks like we have a problem here.  Even though the flying monkeys have been killed by the heroic actions of our brave lads and Kree, the pirate ship is still isolated by that big defense shield that surrounds it.  We join the the opposing forces as they come decide what to do to end this tug of war between the forces of Good and Cancerous Dark Side Evil.
 Now What?

It looks like we still have a Mexican stand off.  
Toon in tomorrow when the stand off comes to a close.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dan, You Have a Bogie on Your Tail. # 77

Oh My!  Dan has a flying monkey on his tail!  Dan you need to take some evasive moves to get rid of the money on your back!

Good move Dan!  Right out of Top Gun the movie.

I Bet you did not know there was freeway signs in outer space, we like to call it the information highway of cyberspace.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Where is my Flipping Cheese? # 76

Meanwhile on the bridge of the Enterprise, Captain Kirk is viewing the space battle on the big flat Screen as the crew takes bets on the outcome.

You may remember that Mitch floated away from the Death Ball.  He did manage to fix the leak in the Death Ball before he floated away. Since Tech reps are a dime a dozen, Darth Vader has lost interest in Mitch and his whereabouts.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Darth Vader's Secret Weapon #75

If you are looking for logic here in this cartoon blog, you my friend are in the wrong place.  And no, I did not get permission from the land of OZ to use their unemployed flying monkeys.  They were looking for work and jumped at the chance at working again after being out of work for 76 years.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Here comes the Calvary #74

Maybe with some more lazer canons the good guys can break the bubble that surrounds that pirate ship.
Or another way to look at this is if you keep doing the same dumb thing over and over again eventually it will work?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bogie at 6 O'Clock #73

Just for fun I decided to dress up Captain Kirk's Captain's chair area.  I mentioned to my wife, Ruth, that I was thinking of adding a lamp for Captain Kirk's area.  She stated it had to be the leg lamp from Christmas story so to keep her happy I have included the leg lamp in today's cartoon page.  

The call sign "Mutter", is one of the call signs I was assigned as a forward Air Control radio Operator in Vietnam.  I was Mutter 14, Mutter 6 was the commanding officer.  Sky 6, was GOD.

Little do our young heroes realize that the Rebel Alliance X Wing fighter jets are near by and have come into aid in the battle against the space pirate rats.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The First Shot. #72

Turn the Star Ship Enterprise into a gamboling hall?  I don't think so!  To Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise, those are fighting words and they will not take that from any pipsqueak hairless pirate even if he is the biggest pirate of the universe, Donald Trump!  Will this be the start of the great space war?  

I guess Captain Kirk and crew underestimated that old wooden pirate ship.  Defense Shields or bubble on a wooden pirate ship floating around in outer space?  What other weapons does the Cancerous Pirates have in their arsenal besides blunderbusses and steel sabers?

Tomorrow the Calvary comes in to cut them off at the pass.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Negotiator # 71

About the time you think things are running pretty smoothly, something comes along to gum up the works and it usually happens on a Friday.

Please notice that I upgraded Captain Kirk's captain's chair to a leather recliner with one of those nifty drink holders. 
 Also, note that  Captain Trump is now wearing his "go to war costume".modeled after another famous blow hard from the French Revolution.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The new Pirate Ship Captain #70

 This cartoon gag came to me straight from God.   My wife and I do a morning pray each day to start the day off on a good footing and during this prayer Ruth actually asked God to inspire me for today's cartoon page.  After our prayer this page came to me in a vision of sorts.  Straight from God's funny side.  He has to be a funny guy he created me didn't he?

The pirate ship "The Flying Scotsman", is a real wooden sailing craft that moves through outer space propelled by the solar winds.  The crew of this ship are all hairless rats with tails growing out of their head the more the tails the higher up in the social order they belong.  Captain Donald Trump having six tails is the biggest butt head cancer rat on the Flying Scotsman.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pssssst! #69

Some days it just doesn't pay enough to be a Vendor's Rep. Like Mitch the rep from  Michelin.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Darth Vader we have a problem! #68

  Today we take a peak at what is going on with Darth Vader over on the Death Ball that is following the Enterprise or maybe a  better term would be "Lurking"  After all isn't that what bad guys do, they lurk.                                                

Sunday, July 19, 2015

We have lift off! #67

The VIPER trainees are "airborn".  Heaven help us. Please note, each pilot gets to take along a lucky charm in their cabin.  Okay I get the reasoning behind e a ch lucky charm a crept Arkady's... a hula doll?  Must have been some good time on the beach on the last shore leave in Honolulu.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The new guy. #66

Burt introduces Kree, who is also from the Battle Star Galactica, to the Viper trainees.

I know no one says "huba huba," these days.

please note we are camping and the trailer is bouncing & rocking in the wind, like we are in a boat at sea.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Duty calls

After driving seven hours yesterday through one road construction zone after a n other I was just too tired to think funny.  Now it is family time.  I actually thought I would h a ve time as nd energy to draw cartoons..I guess the radiation treatment killed off more of my we white blood cells that I thought.
I won't promise any thing but will get back drawing and writing when I feel better.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Rookie #65

After pondering who to replace Peter Pan, who came down with some sort of Romulan Flu, Captain Kirk picked the newest trainee for the new Viper Space Jet Fighter School..on the scene in the hanger bay is the veteran ace reporter from Fox News....

You may be wondering about Coop Skywalker doing close order drill with his lazer eyed white rat have to keep the troops busy or they get lazy.

 You may also be wondering why the pale look around Brian Williams eyes, please note the sun tan, he just got off a really long vacation, where I am sure he spent it on some palm tree studded beach in a beach chair near by some sort of Tiki Bar.

 But Fox News loves their newest reporter and made him their permanent reporter embedded with the crew of the Enterprise.   And he has the honor in being the only embedded reporter on the Enterprise.  But I am sure he will have some humdinger news reports of mess hall scuttle butt rumors in the many years to come.  

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Funerable Spot #64

Still down in the Briefing room for new pilot trainees.

Peter Pan can't fly...ha ha. Anyway, now Captain Kirk
 is stuck with a new problem, who to replace Peter Pan
 as a new Viper Space Jet fighter trainee?  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Death Ball #63

Captain Kirk has chosen three volunteers to become Viper space jet fighter pilots.   Arkady, Dan and Peter Pan  (played by Errol Flynn).  These brave souls will aid in taking out Darth Vader's Death Ball.  We join them and their instructor Burt in the first lesson on becoming a Viper pilot and hopefully taking out the Death Ball.  The Death Ball is lurking out there following the Star Ship Enterprise as it continues it's journey across the cosmos to the planet Zarahemla.  Zarahemla is the base planet for the Rebel Alliance.  
This is a Ratatized version of my step-son Burt.  He is the Viper space jet fighter instructor.

 Please note that Darth Vader chose those colors, not me and in that order..I am not one to start rumors but he and that emperor do seem like really good friends.

Now all I have to do is figure what the funerable or vulnerable spot of the Death Ball is.  

Actually since it looks like a beach ball the word
 funerable kind of works.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Light Saber Hand off #62

  The one thing I do not like doing is talking head cartoons.  Those cartoons where you remove the pictures and you still have a joke.  My theory is that good cartoons has to have some action in them.
So many of American comic strips are just talking heads and the other cartoon style I don't like doing is the meeting group.  I hate meetings. 
 With all that in mind the meeting between Capt. Kirk and Commander Adama, is not something I like do do.  So let me capsulize what happens in this meeting.
Adama tells Capt Kirk about the evils of Darth Vader and offers to help him defeat Darth Vader and the Evil Emperor.  With the aid of his Vipers.  He will be leaving his son Burt on board the Enterprise to train new Viper pilots. 
Commander Adama has also been in contact with the Rebel Alliance on the planet Zarahemla and they too are ready to donate X Wing jet fighters to take on Darth Vader.  

Down in the bowels of the Star Ship Enterprise, the three good guys are heading back to the the bridge to report back to Captain Kirk of their killing the Cancer Monster Chuck.

Please note that the Cancer Monster is in no way related to the Cookie Monster.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Taking out the trash #61

This is my contribution to Shark Week here in the US of A.  Yes folks Shark Week starts today!  Apparently it is a way to pump up the viewing audience on the Discovery channel.  We don't get the Discovery channel, so maybe we will just watch the movie "Jaws"  all week long...I wonder if my wife would enjoy that..I don't think so.  And then there is that master piece movie called "Sharknado, Sharknado II and Sharknado III".  

Our resident shark is a space shark we call Charlie. He is always hungry and now days hangs around the Enterprise waiting for scraps of food from the ships galley.  On today's menu is what is left of Chuck and Fred gets to feed Charlie the remains of Chuck..Bye bye Chuck.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

We got bush-whacked! #60

Star Date 1329.5.  Captain Kirk has been haled on the big screen by someone called Commander Adama, from the Battlestar Galatica.  Please note any preconceived notions you may have of any cast member of the first Battlestar Galatica, you can just forget.  Since I was unable to Ratatize Loren Green, I decided to change the whole thing just a wee bit.  Loren Green's part is now played by John Wayne.   

                                     Arriving in the transporter room

I have Ratatized my step-son Burt and he is playing the big fellow in the ten gallon hat and is playing the part of Adama's son.  In real life, Burt is bigger than life at about 6 foot 4 inches and full of muscle, he is kind of like a really big teddy bear.  

Friday, July 10, 2015

We are Heroes ! #59

I know there are guys like George T Ratt,  there has to be.  Stands back in the back ground and then wants to share in the glory if the out come is a good one..I am sure George Constanza was a composite of many people.  George T Ratt is my all time favorite character, with the strongest personality.  Just like Donald Duck is a stronger personality than is Mickey Mouse. Mickey just got top billing because he was Walt's first cartoon character.

     Please note that the light saber has been turned off..
                save the batteries

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Off With His Head! #58

Please note that the first and third picture on the top row is the view that Chuck would have had, actually the very last thing he would see in his life time.  The second or middle picture on the first row is from the point of view of Arkady and Dan.  

The reason I did not draw any pictures of the actual beheading:  having two people holding onto the light saber is awkward by it's self but I am not sure two people or rats could actually swing the light saber horizontally.  Imagine two people holding onto a bat and actually able to hit a baseball.  But this is just a comic page and if we can have a rat rowing a boat across open space a simple act of swinging a light saber horizontally should be a piece of cake. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let's Roll! #57

The good guys realize that their lazer weapons are no good against Chuck the Cancer Monster and they turn to the only Jedi knight in the room to do his duty. 

You may be wondering what happened to the light saber when George was handing it to the other two guys.  Had turned it off for safety reasons.

Tomorrow, the end of the line for old Chucky.