Monday, August 31, 2015

Down time for awhile

Since I will be in the hospital for the next week or so flat on my back mostly sleeping, I won't be able to do much drawing.  Until I get back in the saddle in about a week and half here are a few cartoon characters I have had great pleasure creating in the past year or so.





This is Lenny, he basically got me started
 on the Star trek/Star Wars agenda

                                THIS IS THE REST AREA ON THAT LONELY ASTEROID.
                                                               BATTLE STAR GALACTICA


  The Death Ball.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Nap Time #108

After the stress of a space battle and deflating the Death Ball it is time for some Afternoon delight or as most people call it nap time.  We find Captain Kirk kicking back in his leather recliner, with the back vibrator, built in refrigerator and built in big screen control panel.  He thinks he is about to take a nice quiet down time but as soon as he falls asleep he is visited by Coop Skywalker and his ten white rats with lazer eyes to have have some some fun.

Moral to this story?  None just that Mister Spock is a closet practical joker and every so often just wants to cut loose.

BTW Coop Skywalker is my grandson Cooper in reality and is in fact seven years old.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Priorities #107

The great space battle is over, the Death Ball is deflated and Darth Vader and his minions are escaping on the pirate ship, what would the logical thing be to do?  

When it comes to the American male and American football, there is nothing logical about life as we know it.  

By the way, since the Star Ship Enterprise is from the future and for Captain Kirk, it is the year 2264, that would mean that Peyton Manning will be playing non stop for the Broncos for the next 248 years..but with the Flux Capacitor they are able to flip back to 2015 each game day.  Now that is really illogical but it is the American way.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Abandon Ship! Where's the life boats? #106

Slowly the Death Ball is deflating and now Darth Vader and his minions need to abandon ship
 but there is no life boats
 just that leaky old pirate ship.

          Will Darth Vader make his get away to do      his dastardly deeds another day?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Operation Wooooooosh! #105

Up until last night I was stumped, how does one deflate a gigantic humongous beach ball about the size of Mexico City? If you puncture the skin of the ball it may have some sort of anti puncture device and it may simply blow up killing all the Viper pilots.  we decided to go for the air valve with hopes that it would not deflate too fast.

 With the fire out on the Star Ship Enterprise, 
the Armada heads to the Death Ball.

Please note that the Viper pilots have a force field around them allowing them to walk about 
without the aid of space suite.

 Meanwhile over on the planet of the Undead, a lonely Viper sits.  Where did the pilot go?

Next month you will find out what happened and meet one really funny old guy who is being bothered by undead Zombies.  His name is Doctor Livingston and we will be going there to help him defeat the minions of the undead.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Scotty is dead long live Dave #104

During the battle with Darth Vader's TIE Star Fighters, one of them got off a lucky shot with it's lazer blaster and got a direct hit on the engine compartment of the Enterprise.  

Please note the Flux capacitor next to Dave, it will play an important roll next year when we go back in time to save some whales or some such silliness.

please note that Dave is indeed a real living breathing guy I know who works at our local food store. 
 As I have mentioned before eventually everyone I know personally will end up in these cartoon pages.
  I guess that is what makes this comic strip a little different from any other comic strips, all my characters are either famous people or persons I am related to or just know & they are all turned into rats.  So if I know you and you have not yet appeared in this comic strip as a rat, eventually you will if you are okay with it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

On to the Death Ball! #103

The combined forces Armada has destroyed the 500 TIE Star Fighters that Darth Vader sent against the Enterprise.   Now the armada is headed to the Death Ball the finish off Darth Vader and the hated Emperor for all time.

As they move forward they pass by the destroyed attackers from the death Ball 

Monday, August 24, 2015

A disturbance in the Force #102


         Who could possibly be this Jedi knight that has
 Darth Vader in such a tither?

Since the Millennium Falcon is cloaked, there is no way for Darth Vader or his minions to know this disturbance in the Force is nearby.

Now you may be wondering how is it that our fearless fore-some is going to do a space walk on the bottom of the Space Ball with no space suit or oxygen.  Each of them is covered by a force field, just as George is inside  his space craft that is how he is able to sit in front of an open hatch with his wiz-bang zap-zap M-35 lazer gun at the ready.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lower the cloaking device #101

Darth Vader has no idea that such a thing as a cloaking device exists.  Captain Kirk has shared this technology with the Battle Star Galactica and they have now installed it on all their space craft.  When the Star Fighters from the Death Ball show up to take on the Enterprise, they can not see all the other space craft in the joint armada..

Meanwhile the other craft from the Enterprise joint forces are closing in on the Death Ball, cloaked and unseen by those on the Death Ball. 
                   Moral to this story, 
                    better to be cloaked 
                         than to be naked.