Wednesday, April 30, 2014

houston, we have a problem...

Looks like a pin point landing to me.
SULLIVAN, MO (AP) — A small plane carrying skydivers crashed, killing six people on board. "I don't understand how this could happen," said a witness, "I mean, they all had parachutes."
 Small plane in Belgium carrying skydivers crashes killing all eleven on board. If only they had a way to exit the plane safely.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Meds for the little guys.

 We were at the Denver Zoo Saturday just in time to watch a zoo keeper giving medication to the flock of South African Penguins.  
I hate any and all zoos but since my grand kids wanted
 to make the yearly trek to the Denver Zoo 
there we were...looking at doped up wild animals
 bored out of their mind knowing they would forever be kept hostage in little enclosures so that parents can show their little kids what "Wild" Animals look and act like.
  You may as well take the little kids 
to a human prison to see how humans act.
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest came out in 1975, it was a different America way back from what we see these days. 
 It was a combination Anti War-Anti Establishment movie. 
 We looked at this movie as the answer to what was wrong back then....We the young back then knew in our hearts what was wrong but felt no one was listening to us. 
 So here we are today...the same things are still broken and everyone knows it and most people know what we need to do about fixing what is broken and yet most people are happy to just let things slide.  One day we will wake up and realize that we had our chance and by that time it will be too late.
To quote Nurse Ratched: " The best thing we can do is go on with our daily routine."

 In 1975 Nurse Ratched became our Big Brother.  Nurse Ratched represents the oppressive mechanization, dehumanization, and emasculation of modern society—in Bromden’s words, the Combine.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Animals on display

Yesterday we took the grand kids to the Denver Zoo...
I can't figure if it is more fun to see what people wear out in public or the animals.  There was this one old Hippie looking guy who looked like he was wearing tie died pajamas walking right in front of us around most of the zoo.  
I wonder if people look at themselves before they leave their home to be seen in public.  We had a debate if it was home made tie dye or store bought until we actually saw labels on both the top and bottom of the adorable outfit. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

It must of been the cold pizza and beer

Q. Why did the blind man give up skydiving?
A. It was scaring the hell out of his dog!
 What do you call a group of skydiving lawyers?......... (Drum roll) Skeet.

"I'm On Top Of The World"

This morning I finished the above cartoon and my wife after looking at it asked:  "Where's the girl rabbit?"
So later after taking the grand kids to the Denver Zoo, I added a female bunny we are calling Betty after the Archie character as well as one of my sisters.  Bing & Betty. 
 And like the chipmunks in the Movie Alvin,
  the male wears a shirt and no pants and 
the female wears a skirt but no top...Why?  I have no clue.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Reality depends on who you are.

Those words above the cartoon are the actual words to the theme song from the movie JAWS.
This of course is a play on the old saying TGIF.  Lots of people probably do not remember that at one time Catholics had to eat fish on Friday to commemorate the Last Supper as well as the fact that eating fish one day a week is good for you.  
Doing stuff like the above could not happen if I were to be in the comic papers and can only happen in this format,
so I guess for that, I am happy.  
"Evil Vladimir Putin said this about President Obama. He said, 'If I were drowning, I think President Obama would rescue me.' And I thought: Well, give that a try." –David Letterman

"Yesterday was Earth Day. And today we went right back to throwing Jamba Juice cups in the rainforest." –Jimmy Kimmel

 This is a tourist store in Ocean Shores Washington USA. 

You only think we need a bigger boat!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

What is life?

Remember the old saying "Life is a Bitch and then you die."?  Maybe if we make the right choices and try a little can be something oh much better.
For the past few weeks I have really been struggling with this cartoon & blog.  Coming up with a new cartoon each day has been a real dread at times.  It was mostly a mental struggle and many questions like:  Why am I doing this, what direction am I going in? Strangely enough since I am a life long money grubbing Republican, I never thought about how much money I could earn from this.  At the same time, many dark ugly thoughts kept creeping into my mind after reading news from around the world, negative social comments on facebook and best of all dealing with allergies every day and not sleeping very well at night.  
This morning, I got to thinking that maybe this little cartoon is my mental break or vacation from reality.  I do this more for me than anything because it forces me to think at least one good thought each day.  
Try that, think one good thought each day and see how much better your out look will change for the better.
So here I am at yet another fork in the road.  Do I keep on struggling trying to do stuff like everyone else of do I change to the simple cute and happy messages each day?  I like what you see above and think as long as I can do them this is my direction. 
LIFE IS GOOD MOST OF THE TIME long as you know where to look.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day 2014

 In 1970 it was Earth Week.  Everyone was enthused to point fingers at other people who were the cause of all the trash, pollution, and letting the Earth turn into one big trash dump.  
What have we done since 1970 to clean up our home?  Apparently not much, no matter how much money we have thrown at the "problems".

 This is an actual photo of a surfer trying to skim along under a ton of crap.
 Floating island of crap or trash from Asia.  No matter what we do to clean up our act China and Japan have a long way to go to clean up their part of the Pacific. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!


 Meet Fluffy

 "What do you mean there is no more carrots?"

"Jessica makes  me go c-c-c-crazy !"

" Take the damn picture already!"

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Bunny Cult

"This year's Easter Sunday happens to fall on the same day as the marijuana holiday, 4/20. Which means no matter what your religion, this Sunday you're probably going to see a giant bunny." –Conan O'Brien

"Speaking of religion, the Pope let two 11-year-old boys ride in the Pope-mobile with him. Afterwards the Vatican told the Pope, 'That's not the kind of publicity we're looking for.'" –Conan O'Brien


"A Colorado company has introduced the first marijuana vending machine. As a result, the vending machines around it are doing much better." –Conan O'Brien