Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lewey's humble little bar #115

Lewey the Robot runs a pretty ship shape bar in the lowest level of the Enterprise.  At any given time some member of the crew will show up and unlike the TV show Star Trek many of our crew members are a wee different than normal folk.

Even Lewey has morals when it comes to what happens in his bar.  Strange, I just never thought of having an out of body experience as being kinky but when you think about it... all the kinky deviant stuff you could do while on one of those out of body jaunts around the neighborhood.

By the way the name Lewey comes from the old movie Casablanca.  He played a French Cop and was good friends with Rick the owner of the American Bar in Casablanca.  The robot is actually Robbie the robot, from the movie "The Forbidden Planet."  Saw that thing when I was 9 years old and it gave me nightmares for a week,  I loved it!  As a matter of fact next months segment I am calling "Visit to the Planet of the Undead" is based on that movie.

One last thing the blond lady at the end of the bar is Luann Harrah, the other Grandma, she has consented to be a X-Wing fighter pilot and has no idea her husband is the captain of the Enterprise.

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