Monday, April 4, 2016

Hot tub good times #224

Today we find Star Ship Enterprise Captain Brad Harrah in hot water with his wife and Xwing pilot, LuAnn Harrah, a virtual reality Hot Tub that is.  I was thinking of putting a real hot tub full of real hot water on the Enterprise but since the space craft is always moving and some times is forced to make steep banked turns to avoid stuff in the environments of outer space, I figured imitation wet water was better than the real stuff. 

 In real life I am sure Bill and Patrick get along just fine until it comes to debating which Star Trek is the better of the two.  

I wonder what will happen when we have a debate between the stars of Star Wars and Star Trek as to which one is the more realistic and entertaining.  

A debate between Jean-Luc Picard and Darth Vader would be interesting.

The real irony of this cartoon is that LuAnn never says anything..if you know women that is a real stretch of reality.

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