Thursday, July 4, 2013

Surfing with the fishes

Two Surfers Two surfers are at getting ready to paddle out: Surfer one: "Hey, guess what! I got a new longboard for my wife!" Surfer two: "Great trade!"

Funeral Procession Alex and three of his surfing buddies have gone surfing every Saturday for nearly thirty years. One Saturday, the guys are surfing near a highway when a funeral processional drives by. Well, Alex lays down his board in the water, stands up on his board and places his hand over his heart. This processional is huge and takes nearly five minutes to pass. Once it passes, Alex sits down on his board and waits for the next wave. Needless to say his buddies are floored by his actions. One of 'em finally speaks up and says, "that sure was a respectful thing you did there when they went by." Alex replied, "It seems the least I could do seeing as how I've been married to the woman for over thirty years!"

Golf: For people who don't know how to surf.


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