Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Go suck an Easter Egg!

   Poor old serpent.  Bet that is gonna hurt in the morning.  Tomorrow the battle of wills between Chicken Moe the "Prophet " and the Real Genuine Easter Bunny continues.
BTW, the part of Chicken Moe is played by a
new character to the North Park Critters gang 
 Moe the Rooster.  Shamelessly he is a paridy
of Longhorn Foghorn stolen from Warner Brothers.
  They are no longer using him so I am giving
the old guy new life.  That is the kind of guy I am.
 It was sort of like going down to the
dumb friends league and low and be hold
there was Chicken Moe sitting over in the corner
 running his tin cup along the bars singing
 "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" to him self. 
 He was not his boystrish self but once
we got home to North Park his spirits came
 alive and he was once again his old self.

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