Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ya wanna piece of Me?

Behold on Monday a great a wondrous event
 shall occur unto this comic strip Blog. 
 Yea, such an event that it was foretold thousands
 of years ago by aging old guy Prophets 
with long white beards, an event with such
 religious meanings that it will make the viewer
 sit up and say, "You gotta be kidding me!"  
On this blog I was in such a quandary.  
What should happen to all those thousands 
and yea may I say many many thousands
 of Easter chicks that Bing, the Temp Easter Bunny,
 brought forth as in a miracle, when he forgot
 to hard boil all those thousands 
and yea may I say thousands of Easter Eggs
 before he painted them. Those very same baby chicks 
are now in Bondage by the Evil Easter Bunny. 
 Yea, I say unto you, as a result of his actions, 
a miracle was born that day!  For verily 
I say unto you all those baby chicks were 
hatched and came forth in great abundance.
  For Behold I say unto you Brothers and Sisters! 
 There is an answer to my quandary thanks 
to the lovely Mrs Cartoonist, Ruth,
 who came had a vision,  yea can we say a
 Biblical Vision to this quandary.  
Monday's cartoon will be the beginning of a
 week long series that will be of Biblical proportions
 that even Col. Sanders would be pleased. 
Praise the Lord!

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