Thursday, October 1, 2015

Distress Call #121

Just as Burt and Kree arrive in Lewie's Bar they find Kree's parents in hot embrace of long lost love yada yada yada. At the same time Steve Douglas the Communications officer on the bridge of the Enterprise has received a distress call from the Forbidden Planet of the undead. Undead meaning Zombies.  

Actually I have been looking forward to doing this segment for quite awhile.  We will be sending crew members of the Enterprise, including Lenny (See #1-5) down on the planet of the undead to save the famed  archaeologist, Doctor Wade Livingston who has been living on the planet of the Undead for the past ten years, it would be a lonely life if it weren't for his robot who takes care of the old guy's home.  
The good Doctor has been protected from the blood thirsty Zombies by a power shield that surrounds his home and a portable shield that protects him as he does his digs to discover the mysterious surroundings of an ancient civilization that died out many years ago.
Doctor Livingston power source is starting to fail and has just three weeks before it fails completely.

Come on Luann, as Brad says, it will be like a second Honeymoon.
BTW, Wade Livingston is in real life a retired lawyer and now does acting on the small stages around Denver..He and I go to the same church.

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