Friday, October 2, 2015

Meanwhile, down on the Planet of the Undead #122

While Captain Harrah and the crew of the Enterprise Armada prepare to save Doctor Livingston who is surrounded by blood thirsty Zombies.  We join the good Doctor and his robot maid Gladys.
please note that in reality, Wade Livingston is a retired lawyer and now days is an actor on local stages around Denver.  We also go to church together and have become pretty good friends over the last 6 months.

What has made it possible for Doctor Livingston to survive this hostile condition for the past ten years is his power shield that keeps the vermin from attacking his home.  But the power source of the power shield has become erratic and unreliable.  What you just witnessed is one such times.   
Will the Enterprise Armada arrive in time?  Well of course it will otherwise there would be no story here would there.

Toon-in tomorrow, as we develop Doctor Wade Livingston's quirky personality and develop the background of this spooky story.

By the way, Doctor Livingston's home design is from the movie The forbidden Planet, I will just tweak the design a bit because that design is from 1956 and looks rather cluttered.  As they say on the H&G Channel I will be giving it a more open air concept.
This is Wade Livingston.

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