Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Greetings #131

The invasion has begun.  Captain Brad Harrah and three others are the first teleported to the surface of the Forbidden Planet of the Undead.  Normally they would be able to transport 6 persons but the medical experiment material takes up a human spots.   He left Mr Spock's daughter Rebecca in charge of the Enterprise in his absence.  Meanwhile over head the Vipers and X-Wing fighters are patrolling the area with and eye for the blood thirsty zombies bent on eating all human life.  Ironically both Captain Harrah's wife and daughter are in those fighter jets protecting the old man.

Please note that Lenny is back.  Like Kenny from South Park, Lenny dies over and over again and yes he is 
wearing a  red shirt.  Hey some red shirt has to die
it may as well be good old Lenny.

The Doctor Livingston  I presume is an old joke but I had to do it.   

It feels like the residuals of my cancer operation is healing up finally and the pain is going away.  I am back!

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