Sunday, February 22, 2015

Amazing Grace

This is a song in the Mormon  Hymn Book the words
 were written by Charles Penrose about 1900 
and the music was written about 1852.  
For me it tells how the  Mormon pioneers 
must have felt seeing the Rocky Mountains
 for the very first time and knowing 
that those mountains would protect them 
from the mobs of  good Missouri  Christians 
who wanted to kill them just because they were Mormon. 
 They were leaving a land of religious freedom 
for a land where they could practice their religion 
with out fear of persecution.
The Song Amazing Grace, for me tells how much
 the atonement of Jesus Christ has changed my life 
and how I do not deserve what he has done for me. 
 For 45 years I closed my eyes to God and Jesus Christ
 and now my eyes are open wide.  The Grace of God
 is with me and feels like a warm blanket on a cold night.

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