Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lenny #1

Yeah, I know this is pure unadulterated shameless rip off of two movies and a couple television shows, but I figure since South Park does it all the time it is about time for me to rip off South Park.

As in South Park, the little guy Kenny, dies every so often but comes back in a later episode.  Since cartoon characters cannot die, Lenny has not really died here and will reappear periodically and die once again every so often.  

How will the little geeky nerd die?  oh many imaginative and demented ways, sort of like the movie 
"Final Destination", where death is cheated and gets it's revenge.

Lenny is one of George's nephews and is by and large the biggest nerd I could come up with.  He makes Sheldon Cooper seem quite normal.

Anyway, tomorrow enters one of the greatest detectives of American TV history to solve the crime of the death of Lenny.

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