Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day........What ever.

Today in America we sorta kinda celebrate "Father's Day".   I can sort of understand having a special day set aside for everyone's mothers, to sell lots of flowers and chocolate....But what do you give the old man to show you appreciate all the stuff he did for you as a kid?   Flowers?  Nope....Candy? Nope....How about a good bottle of Scotch or maybe take him to a baseball game or just leave him alone?
A few months ago, I introduced a fly fishing character who never said anything.  I never could come up with a good name for him and yesterday my wife mentioned maybe I could name him after my dad...Dewey.  The little guy does not look any thing like my old man but why not?  Later it hit me that today would be Father's Day and what a great coincidence was that?  Funny thing too, was that I was born on his 48th birthday.  So without any further blabbering I present you with my very first Dewey cartoon...

These Dewey cartoons will be sort of like Modern Art in that everyone will come away with a different meaning or caption.
My first thought of this scene was that someone put the blade on backwards or the last time the lawnmower was in the repair shop, they gave it too much juice...or maybe the lawnmower can't take the tall grass and weeds.  In future cartoons, the lawnmower will be back, complete befuddling old Dewey who simply takes in all the weirdness of his life in stride.
Dewey goes through life as an observer of strange things.  It is sort of like he lives on the edge of the Twilight zone and never comments on the strange and wacky things he sees....To Dewey, the everyday normal to him would be really strange to the rest of us.
This is the very first of the Dewey cartoons and many more to come...I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy drawing the silly pictures.

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