Tuesday, June 4, 2013

psychedelic art

 Just for the fun of it this is my version of a psychedelic picture and an exercise in what happens when you change from one color to another.

 A fun project making squiggly lines and color to produce a design.
 Doing research of other similar art I cam across the following on Google images under Psychedelic art, magic mushrooms and pot art.

 This form of art was really big with the laid back stoned music scene years ago.

 Peter Max was probably the most famous of the Pop pot art and did some amazing stuff for the Beatles.
A couple important facts about this art form, the colors have to be so wrong it makes one go blind, and if it has words in the painting and you can still read the words, they are not wild enough.

Above is John, Ringo, George and Paul of the Beatles.

This is an album cover from Jefferson Air Plane.

And this is the cover of the Beatles greatest album  Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  Not so much of the Psychedelic art but the music was best listened to if one was a wee bit blotto.

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