Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nature Calls. # 82

One thing that has made me wonder about the space movies, no one uses a restroom or bathroom ever.  Well in the reality of this cartoon blog we are about to do just that.  No there will be no potty humor here.

Another thing that you never see in space movies is Rest stops.  Imagine going all the way across Texas with not one bathroom stop, if you have kids in the car imagine the mayhem that would transpire.

Yesterday I was stuck on what should be the subject of today's cartoon page and discussing several subjects with my wife, we hit upon the concept of a rest stop in outer space.  So for the next couple of days we shall take a funny look at the horrors and funny things that can happen at a rest stop in outer space.  

My concept of this rest stop is unlike any rest stop you have ever been lucky enough to stop at on one of your travels.
I will also be going off some of my own experiences at our many many rest stop visits around our nation. 

 Nevada comes to mind on I-80 and US 50.

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