Monday, April 13, 2015

Paw prints.

Today we visit the Ratt home, where we find Meemah (Grandma) Ratt adjusting to life with ten 5 year-olds underfoot and in her old grey hair.

When I started this concept of ten little rats descending on   their grandparents home for a long term "visit", it was really pretty easy for me personally to imagine all the funny things that could happen between grand parents and those ten little ones.
Little kids love to smudge up windows, they love to push buttons real and mental, and they love to make lots of noise and throw stuff around, that is the human nature of kids.  Now take that concept a wee bit further, because these are not human kids they are scurry little rats who have no concept of right and wrong or what is proper in the eyes of Meemah.  

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