Saturday, April 11, 2015

Play Ball!

We have added a new character today to our gang of wild critters,  a beaver who is playing catcher today against the Chicago Cubbies.  We are calling him Orville, the beaver. 
 Why Orville you may ask, I named him after the character Geoffrey Lewis played in the movie Every Which Way But Loose.  Imagine how he acted in that roll and you get an idea how Orville the beaver will be acting here.  Maybe I have seen way too many movies in the past 60+ years and even though we did not own a TV set when I was  a kid, I still saw all the great old Black and White TV shows. So if my cartoons look somewhat like an old TV sitcom you will understand.  
Tomorrow I will be doing more baseball cartoons even though the Rockies are not playing.  Gotta let Orville get up to bat, he has a really different way of hitting the baseball.  On Monday, I will head over to the Ratt house and see how MeeMah and Beebah are living with the 10 grand kids who absolutely adore their grand parents..Fun fun fun.  To think I used to wonder if I would be able to come up with another funny gag, Golly they are all around me...See ya tomorrow.  
Batter's up, swing batter swing..
..and it's a fly ball to center field, 
no wait, it's now heading over to left..
.now it's going over to right field.
..what the &*%($# is going on..

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